Changsha Street under Marshal tengfang notify died after the onset of the Court

On September 1, 2016, Kaifu district, Changsha city, Hunan province, two marshals to Liao Jianming posted tengfang notice sick Liao Jianming fall after a dispute and judicial police, taken to hospital died--on this day, Liao Jianming 60 birthday 14 days away.

Wife of Liao Jianming Li Jinhuang surging News www.thepaper.CN) reflects, after her husband's death and her body was a group of men dressed in police uniform from the ward "snatch".

On September 23, surging news see Liao, had equipment for 22 days in the Hall of, neither the body nor the URN. Li Jinhuang surging told the news, her negotiations with the Government in the hope of bringing the body back home, held a memorial service and then cremated, only to be told "the funeral home must be cremated, only ashes."

"Rob" questioned on September 14, Kaifu district, Wei Li, Vice Minister of the propaganda Department of the word news, Liao Jianming remains were escorted to the funeral home, family members are present, there is no "grab".

Li Jinhuang surging on news that, Hunan Provincial Government to question its requisition approval when the administrative reconsideration decision not to come out, the Changsha city intermediate people's Court refused to stay, Li Jinhuang Kaifu district, set aside land and resources Bureau of the deadlines to make decisions case "upheld the first instance decision, force tengfang" the judgment of the second instance.

In response, Vice Minister Li said that Liao is imposed by the demolition of the House, the provincial government land requisition approval, district administration, district Bureau of land and resources in the judicial procedures, there are no illegal.

Changsha Street under Marshal tengfang notify died after the onset of the Court: no physical contact

Demanded the return of the remains to the families.

After a dispute with Marshal

The morning of September 1, Liao Jianming couples such as usual, get up, to buy food. The day before, long work of Suzhou's only child, Liao Qian went home, the couple specifically some of the dishes.

Lunch complete, Liao Jianming couples sit chatting in the front as usual. 12:49, Kaifu district court bailiff stopped Liao Jianming Li, Mr Frederick FUNG driving home. Lee introduced himself, Kaifu district, produced a stamp of the Court's official notice of the tengfang, and informed that in accordance with the relevant requirements, the notice be posted in Liao on the walls of the House.

Kaifu District Court News play the surging to a 28-minute recorder video display of law enforcement: Marshal prepared to post the notice of tengfang a number of times, Li Jinhuang oral arguments and judicial police, Liao Jianming twice blocked court police. Marshal Liao Jianming stated that "you don't do it yourself, hands-on was assaulting a police officer". A 12:59 noon, Liao Jianming back seat, looked tired and limp. 1:06 P.M., Li Jinhuang Liao Jianming head massage, and after a few minutes, moved out of the ventilator from the House, after the ventilator to assist breathing. Meanwhile, Li Jinhuang call 110 and 120. 1:16 P.M., 110 and 120 have arrived at the scene.

September 1 4:23 P.M. xiangya hospital's medical history record: the patient Liao Jianming) argue with people about 3 hours ago, when sudden mental disorder, numbness of tuberculosis of bone and joint, call should not step by step, rushed to a local hospital, CT show left a lot of hematomas of basal ganglia in the head, brain herniation.

Records also show that Liao Jianming have a history of hypertension, diabetes, heart and lung failure in history. That night, Liao Jianming died.

Li Jinhuang believes that no outside power to stimulate, husband, not disease. She also said that during an argument, Marshal von ever touch her husband.

On September 2, Kaifu district, court officials respond that throughout the law enforcement process, Marshal enforcement recorder worn by distance records, marshals and not inappropriate words and actions, never do it Liao Jianming. News Watch the video recorder for law enforcement noted the surging, I have a camera on the situation on the ground, did not see the bailiff and Liao Jianming couples have obvious physical contact.

Changsha Street under Marshal tengfang notify died after the onset of the Court: no physical contact

Liao Jianming House.

Families say the bodies in the hospital were robbed

Li Jinhuang surging told news, September 1, at 9 o'clock in the evening, the doctor told her, Liao Jianming brain death, let her prepare. Of the claim, hospital authorities did not respond to the word news. Liao Jianming's "medical records" show 10:05 P.M. September 1, Li Jinhuang signed "understanding illness requiring hospital, suffer the consequences". A teacher was found guilty of rape after 39 years

The local "home leave last breath" custom. Li Jinhuang says she has ordered two vehicles to transport her husband returned home, was blocked on September 2, the husband stopped breathing, Ward appeared in dozens of police personnel, are not allowed to take away the remains to the families; around 2:40 A.M. on September 2, taken by such personnel in body.

Li Jinhuang video shows a group of men dressed in police uniforms standing outside the ward, Li Jinhuang snapped, "what makes you stop my buried husband pulled back."

Li Jinhuang said video, Xiufeng Street headed until September 6, families still do not know the body gone, 10:51, several unidentified descended on Liao, leaving an envelope, which is her husband's death certificate and receipt of a 2000 funeral home remains frozen, she did not know her husband's remains have been at the funeral home.

In a surging news interview, said the surging Xiu Feng Xu Luming, head to the subdistrict office, he looked at the video in the ward and at the cardiac monitor and ventilator showed Liao Jianming when there are signs of life, forcibly dragged from bed Liao Jianming Li Jinhuang down, dragged several metres.

Kaifu district Party Committee surnamed Li, Vice Minister of the propaganda Department, said Liao Jianming of the entire treatment process, are monitored in hospital. After the death of Liao Jianming and her body was "escorted" to the funeral home, the process is the presence of family members, there is no "grab".

"The bodies sent to funeral homes are family members consulted? "" Why Ward appears dressed in a police uniform officers? "In this regard, said Vice Minister Li, a civilized society, the Government will not freeze.

Changsha Street under Marshal tengfang notify died after the onset of the Court: no physical contact

Large pond community office building.

Changsha Street under Marshal tengfang notify died after the onset of the Court: no physical contact

Government building of Kaifu district.

Collection cloud

The 90 's of the last century, Kaifu district, Li Jinhuang, who purchased the current address for the large pond community site. Wangcheng County Government land licenses issued to the purchaser. Note: this land was zoned to Kaifu district).

Judicial documents show, Kaifu District Government Li Jinhuang houses one of the files, the Hunan provincial government 2012) no 1915th political territory of the Hunan provincial people's Government approval of farmland, land collection

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